• Does it matter where in the world I’m building my business?

    We’re accepting applications world-wide!

  • How do I apply to enter the Acceleration for All (AFA) awards?

    Start by clicking thislinkto submit your online application and we’ll guide you through the rest!

  • When do submissions open?

    Submissions open for anybody and everybody with a great startup idea on October 6th, 2021.

  • When do submissions close?

    The deadline to submit your startup idea for the AFA awards is November 15th at 8am PT.

  • What are the AFA award categories?

    The five categories are Best Creator, Best Crypto, Best Consumer, Best B2B, and People’s Choice.

  • How many semifinalists will be selected?

    We’ll select and announce approximately 100 semifinalists across all the categories on December 1st, 2021.

  • How many finalists will be selected?

    On December 15th, 2021, we’ll announce approximately 20 finalists and open up the voting for the People’s choice Award.

  • How can I vote for the People's Choice Award?

    Visit the AFA website to view all the People’s Choice contestants and vote directly from the site for your favorite.

  • Can I vote more than once for the People’s Choice Award?

    Only one vote per person, so choose wisely!

  • Can I apply to Acceleration for All more than once?

    No need, one application to AFA is all it takes!

  • What is a YC Safe? And what are the set terms for the investment prize?

    A SAFE is a ‘Simple Agreement for Equity’, which is a legal document for investors to invest in your company. Raising money via SAFEs is one of the most common ways for startup founders to accept capital. For winners who choose to accept our investment, we are offering $10K and valuing your business at $2M post-money, using a SAFE to invest. You are of course free to decline our investment in exchange for our 6-weeks of help too! For more information about the SAFE document visit:https://www.ycombinator.com/documents/